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Our Steelers-Lost-To-Oakland Rant!


The Steelers lost..wait… not just lost.. LOST TO OAKLAND yesterday!!!!!!!  (Where was Franco for some kind of game-saving Immaculate Reception?)

And when the Steelers lose on Sunday, Monday’s suck and everything and everyone is a Jagoff!!!

After the game, we took the advice of @KDPomp (Bob Pompeani on Twitter) and switched over “The “CW” for post-game info. Basically, we were looking for material for today’s blog.  And then IT happened.  We saw the Kenny Ross Moon Township television commercial and, like we said, when the Steelers lose, EVERYTHING becomes jagoffery and this commercial gets the brunt of our Steelers-loss-anger.

If you’ve seen this commercial, they are announcing that the Kenny Ross automotive group has opened a new store in Moon Township, Pa.  So what did the brilliant marketing crew come up with?????  An “astronaut landing on the WRONG moon” concept.  Are you kidding?

Out of all of the creative ideas that ended up on the floor in the “idea room,” this was the best concept?????  If someone, other than a middle-school marketing intern graduate, got paid for creating this WE are REALLY are in the wrong line of work!!

Like we said, when the Steelers lose, everything is jagoffery so here’s how we’re closing today’s blog:

Hey replacement refs, you’re horrible, Ya Jagoffs!

Hey USAirways, who took forever with luggage delivery this past weekend, how about upgrading those Commodore 64 computers, Ya Jagoffs!

Hey garbage can bag that wouldn’t stay open while we tried to put leaves in you yesterday before the Steelers game came on, we hate you too Ya Jagoff!

Hey CBS announcer that called the Steelers’ Ryan Mundy, “Ryan Monday” during yesterday’s game cuz he musta thought the name on the shirt was written in Pittsburghese and he had to correct for it… shut up before we put you in  a class with Phil Simms and Cris Collinsworth, Ya Jagoff!

And now, to Kenny Ross, or even more importantly, whomever stole Kenny Ross’ marketing money to produce a TV commercial that is about as original of an idea as making a green-bean casserole topped with dried onions for a CREATIVE Thanksgiving side dish.  If you’re completely outta ideas for commercials, hire US, or hire those people that made that horrible Keith Rothfus putt-putt commercial, or, even better,  hire that window guy and his daughter to Y-E-L-L at us!!  They could simply say,  “If you buy a Kenny Ross car, WE’LL SAVE YOU A LOT OF MONEY!!!” Their talent fees HAVE to be cheaper than renting two fake astronaut suits, Ya Jagoffs!!!

See our previous Jagoff post about THOSE window people here!


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