Yesterday, we posted this photo on Facebook of NBC football broadcaster, Cris Collinsworth.

The page went nuts with Steelers fans and comments about him, his football career but no standard Pittsburgh rips on his mom (thankfully cuz we’re not like Ravens Fans)!

So we decided to feed the lions with today’s blog post!!!

Hey Chrissy, we mean CRISSY CollinsWORTHLESS…the Pittsburgh fans kinda don’t like you.  One.. you played for the Bengals.  Two, the Bengals are not a threat but are in Cincinnati where the Reds reside and throw bean pitches at the Pirates. Three, we believe you ARE indeed more attractive than the Butthead cartoon but we also believe what you have to say during the football games is EQUAL TO or LESS THAN what Butthead would have to say.  (How’d ya like that catholic grade school math class reference??)

As a side note, the only things WE actually like about Cincy is the chili-on-spaghetti-that-has-a-cinamony-taste and, that song….”I’m at WKRP in Cincinateeeeeeeeeeeee.”

Now. we know that this silly blog post won’t jeopardize your cushy broadcasting job.  But knowing that some people would rather turn down their TVs and listen to repeats of NFL games broadcasted by John Madden and Merle Olson during and active Steelers game should give ya an idea of what Pittsburgh thinks of you.  Seriously, you got more negative comments than the sucky retired-insurance-salesman-who-can’t-waddle-let-alone-sprint-replacement-officials. So we’re not asking alot during these broadcasts……just, stop sucking up to Peyton Manning and SHUT UP, Ya Jagoff!!!!!

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