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Restaurant Jagoffs

What Would The TomTom Say?

Hey, it’s Ground Hog Day.  Maybe Ground Hog Day was actually 6 weeks ago and Phil predicted INSTANT SPRING for this month!!!

Phil and Ground Hog Day have nothing to do with this post, BUT, mentioning it in a blog TODAY, helps with Google Rankings! (Yep, we’re Jaaaaaa.. well.. you know.) 

Now to the business at hand.   We were at one of the absolute SLOWEST McDonald’s ANYWHERE.  Not just this particular day.  Pretty much anytime we’ve ever been to this McD’s for a “quick” lunch over the past 2 years, we’ve waited in line so long that excessive amounts of junk mail had accumulated at our house.

While waiting, we’re thinking “How will this transaction make it to on of our posts?” We received our food and VOILA, like a Holy Jag Grail, THERE IT IS!!!

A Stop Sign, coupled with a Yeild sign, followed by a Stop Sign. (What?  Ah-HUH!) See the closer look below.

OK, so it’s easy to understand two Stop Signs right after another but, what’s the buzz with the Yield/Stop sign?  Our TomTom might get confused!!!  What would the TomTom say?

Go north, 15 yeards and prepare to turn Right. Stop. Yield, Stop, Yield.  Go, Stop. Go, Yield, Stop.

God!  The TomTom would almost sound like someone giving back-scratching instructions:

To the right.  Stop, Ok! Ohhhh. Lower. Keep Going.  Go.  To the left.  Higher.  A little over to the left. Oooooooo. Oh!  Stop. Wait, one more on lower right!

It’s also like saying, “This combo meal comes with fries but there are no fries with it.” (What?  Ah-HUH!)

Hey Micky D’s in Bridgeville, NO WONDER you can’t get the lunch time rush under control.  Even the road signs are screwed up! Wondering if, at closing time, the “signage manager” stands at the back door CONFUSED because the sign on the door says, “Keep Door Closed AT ALL Times!” (Hey, how we s’posed to get out?)  God knows your Drive-Thru customers are confused about how to get out, Ya Jagoffs!

Don’t forget the HUUUUUUUGE Celebrity Ice Hockey Game coming up March 31, 2012!!!! 

Lots of media types, retired Penguins, and Slapshot’s Hanson Brothers!!!!!! 

Click the pic below to get your tickets.  (Last year it sold out at over 1200 people!)


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