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Was This a Police Chase Scene?


yj-mountwashington_noArrowGot this from Instagram.  This was the message:

Not one but two #PeterParkers in Mount Washington.

New here and don’t know why we call them #PeterParkers?  Click here-? What are #PeterParkers?

Is this a parallel parking problem?  Is it an scalene triangle parking problem? (Don’t worry, I had to google scalene too!  I ain’t that smart!)

Maybe their filming one of those movie scenes here in Pittsburgh and Robert Redford or Tom Cruise is inside one of those houses.  Even MORE important, maybe there was a “Hey  I’m outta beer and there’s still a half to go in the Steelers game” emergency and the buds all came racing over with some…. well….cold “Buds!”  Maybe these are the people that drive the inclines up and down the Mount Washington hillside and they don’t really know how to do straight lines on their own without a set of chains.

Hey Pair-of-Peter-Parkers-Who-Parked-Pretty-Poorly, if you’re visitors, we now know it. Clearly your used to parking on 8 lane wide streets in your neighborhood.  If you live in those houses, ya might wanna take stock in tail-lights and back bumpers and NEVER consider a move to some tight-street neighborhood like Bloomfield, YaJagoffs!


Thanks to @SwongBWong on Instagram for being the Honorary Jagoff Catcher today.