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Warning! Public Pool Jagoffery

Today’s blog post by YaJagoff partner, Rachael Rennebeck.  This pic has been trending on the internet and you just KNOW this is gonna happen again so please use this as a guide on how to NOT be a.. well..  YOU know!

Summer brings sunshine and warmth and less clothing. It welcomes the opening of pools and public shaving?  Wait, what? Who on God’s green earth has ever seen such a monstrosity of a sight as a woman shaving her legs in a public pool? There are so many things wrong with this picture. Let me list them:

5)  Plastic razors, especially the ones labeled ‘Daisy’, scare me.  They scream razor burn! They are cheap and disposable and usually on sale as a BOGO in case you need an indicator of which ones they are. 

4)  Plastic razors at pools are a no no, right?  I mean they could slice the pool liner for goodness sake!

3)  Worse yet the plastic piece that guards the razor sharp part could serve as a choking hazard OR clog the filter!

2)  There are children present…like galore.  I mean it looks like a baby pool with donuts and rafts and goggles…and then the lady with the razor appears!

  1. Did she not read the sign that says no razors at the pool?  Oh, that is not a typical no no?  It is not listed after pool closes at 9 p.m. and enter at your own risk if no lifeguard? No!  There are no razors at the pool! Or outside of your shower for that matter! Seriously lady! Who does that? The one item that didn’t make the list was who wants to skim loose hair from the public pool in the morning?

That is a sure fire way to have your pool pass revoked, ya jagoff!