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Valentine’s Day Game Changer  

Zachary's Mission

From Rachael

Every Valentine’s Day I write something about how love should be shown every day instead of declaring one day to do so. Yesterday changed my mind. 

 The NICU at West Penn Hospital was dripping in cuteness. Red and pink everything including tutus and heart blankets and headbands galore. Tiny bundles of joy quietly making their presence known as volunteer photographers adjusted them for photos. 

For some parents, this would be the first photo they would receive of their newborn package. Others were overjoyed for the pop of sunshine on a dreary February day. These volunteers provide parents, families, and sometimes even nurses and staff with a fun-filled photo shoot on an otherwise gloomy day, indicative of weather and circumstance. 

Zachary’s Mission does so many amazing things throughout the year, but Babies First is a campaign like no other. Families are presented with a kit for Valentine’s Day that includes a photo of their most precious gift of all...their babies! 

The selfless and everdedicated acts of love from Patricia Vince and Zachary‘Mission amaze me. But from here on out, Valentine’s Day will be a reminder that these volunteers are creating hope, joy, and a reason to celebrate. And believe it or not, on Valentine’s Day. Volunteers: thank you for the true expression of love, and for my Friday morning cry, Ya Jagoffs!. 

Zacharys Misison

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