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We Have Upped the Level of Public Jagoff Displays

Well, yinz… this is upping the game significantly! I mean, not only did they spell out a complete sentence but they hung around to take pics with their fine work!  And look at the contrasting letters. This made me as emotional as the day I found out I was tall enough to ride the Kennywood Bumper Cars and Thunderbolt.  (Yeah.. I mean it! THAT emotional!  So emotional that I almost ran out and bought myself new “tennies” like I was gonna go to Kennywood.)

Here’s the email message that come with the pics:

Hey, this is Riff from Cleveland-ish, formerly of the ‘Burgh (but yearning to come back). My son, Max, and I recently accompanied the wife to Pat Catan’s craft store in Strongsville, OH. The boy helped me on my caper.

So they had a Dad/Son day out and basically lived proudly in the aisle of the Strongsville Catans!

Gents, you have thrown down the gauntlet for this activity. The mischievous smiles on your faces are priceless!  Ok.. who will match our up the ante?

Thanks to the dynamic duo of @riff_the_voice and @madd_max_96

for being our Honorary Jagoff-atiers (Jagoff artists) today.