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Uncategorized Should We Ban the “Woo?”

Top the Woo.. YaJagoff Podcast

The Pirates are in Bradenton and soon you will be at PNC Park hearing random fans yelling a high-pitched “Wooo!”  They then wait for someone else in the stadium/arena to “Wooo!” back and then the “Wooos” kind of bounce around.

Mainly this happens in later innings of the Pirates’ games when people are tired of sitting on their hands and/or eating nachos.  I gotta tell ya, I kind of liked the “Wooo!” in the beginning but, that’s when I am sitting at home hearing it in the background of the broadcast.  But, if someone was sitting next to me at PNC Park, I would find some creative way to spill beer, popcorn, nacho cheese, ketchup and mustard.. and then more ketchup on them.

Some Wooo-ers stand up and just yell, “Wooo!”  And then some kind of sneak it out like a guy farting in front of his girlfriend’s family…. the subsequent nobody-knows-it-was-me giggle is the same for both.

But now, it’s just become an annoying thing aaaaaaand.. guess what?  That is the key to doing it now!  It has become the non-seflie-stick-selfie-stick-level-annoyance-thingy in public places.

So where are you?  Is the “Wooo!” an annoyance or are the Wooo-ers just fans having fun at the game?

In the meantime.. WOOOO.. YaJagoffs!

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