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Travel Mug Purgatory

I cannot explain why we need an entire kitchen drawer dedicated to travel mugs.  Some with lids, some without lids, all with logos, none of them actually purchased, some of them from the pre-BPA era, some aluminum, obviously post-BPA, some with grips, some without and at least 50 percent of them without a matching lid.

We have so many that they are given their very own drawer  as opposed to having to cohabitate with the ghetto inhabitants of the standard junk drawer like batteries, the once-a-year-used turkey baster and the 38 various sized chip bag clips that have been accumulated… none of which were purchased EITHER.

This drawer is travel mug Purgatory.  We go to an event, they give us a travel mug.  We get all excited about the new travel mug we now have,  Sometimes so excited that we sit that mug right next to the coffee pot because its our “special” mug.  Then, within a month, it is tossed into this drawer …..purgatory… where it will now exist, ignored, with no human or liquid interaction, except for the occasional search for the previously mentioned non-existing matching lid, until, eventually, it meets its ultimate demise…. the garbage can… when we do the “I-can’t-find-a-#@$ing-thing-in-this-@#@ing-drawer-so-I’m-throwing-everything-out” drawer purge.

The purge usually occurs after everyone has turned a blind eye to the gradually mounting collection of travel mugs and then gets ticked off when the drawer keeps jamming on that one mug that just won’t push down into the @#@*ing drawer.

The only way to stop this madness is to use the low-level users to get to the dealers and put those sunza-b’s (who make these things and hand them out to unsuspecting potential travel mug addicts) in jail.

No more travel mugs!  They are the fruitcake of drinking vessels, YaJagoffs!