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Parents That Are Jagoffs

Tide Pods and Stupid Parents/Kids

I may be way off base with this post but.. I gotta do it.

The detergent pods are in the news again.  Yes, they can poison kids if they eat them.  Yes, they look attractive like candy. And yes, now stupid adults are using them to make videos!

My issue? See this excerpt from a CBS News piece some time ago:

But Sansoni said the industry has taken note of the public health concern. “Manufacturers have made major changes to their packaging including the addition of easy-to-understand safety icons, improving warning labels to advise proper use and storage instructions, and changing to opaque packaging so the single dose packets are not visible from the outside,” he said.

He added that the institute, along with a number of manufacturers, recently launched a consumer laundry safety program to help educate parents and caregivers.

Smith believes packaging of the products is not sufficiently regulated — a problem he sees across the consumer market from furniture to home electronics to e-cigarettes. “What I’ve been saying for years is one of the problems we have with protecting children is that our environment, our products, are designed by and for the convenience of adults.”

Full Article Here

Regulation of package design, improved warning labels (because you know how many of those warning labels you typically read), need to protect kids… blah, blah, blah….What about the “Parent Stupidity” concern?

How about THIS idea… parents.. if you have little kids that might look at these and mistake them as candy….here it comes…it’s PhD-trignometric-congruency-equilateral-quantum level thinking but stay with me on this….

If you have little kids that might look at these and think they are candy.. DON’T BUY THEM AND PUT THEM IN YOUR HOUSE…I the box of powder stuff for now.  Yeah, that stuff goes everywhere and you have to sweep up as much powder, sometimes, as you put into the dishwasher but, hell, you have kids.. you’re constantly cleaning up already as it is! And if you’re a young adult or middle-aged adult and your chewing on these things….go back to the old Eat-Saltines-Then-Try-To-Whistle trick!

Most of ya grew up in the Mr. Yuk era. Dindn’t yinz learn nothing?  Is this really THAT hard, Ya Jagoffs?

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