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Bus Jagoffs

The Wheels on the Bus Go….. ummm… Nowhere!

What helps ya sit through Pittsburgh rush-hour traffic?  Radio?  iTunes? Pandora?  The YaJagoff Podcast? Talking to your carpool buddies? Putting your make-up on or reading your Kindle while driving one-handed?  Here’s what helps us – catching drivers being…. , well, YOU know!!!!!

So we’re sitting there minding our own business waiting for the traffic light in front of us to turn green.  As plain as day, we can see the City crew blocking the bus lane in front of us as they empty the garbage cans along the street.  As plain as day, we can see the traffic light turn YELLOW for the crossing traffic.  And, as plain as day, we see this bus pull across the intersection AS THE LIGHT IS TURNING YELLOW !!

What’s better than a jagoff driver?  One of us being there to snap a photo of him!!!!! (Haaaaa..haaaaaaaaa!) Yep, laughing because, in the old days, I would have gotten REALLY mad at this but, NAY NAY, say me!!!  Now I just pull out the trusty smartphone and create a blog post!! (My local pharmacy blood pressure medicine dealer is NOT happy!  He may NOT be able to send his 4th kid to college.)

Back to the matter at hand – so if Mr. Busdriver saw the garbage gang blocking his path, why would he even THINK he should pull his bus forward?  Maybe he forgot and thought he was  driving a Smart Car!

Well, Mr. I-am-a-professional-driver-And-you-can-tell-because-I-wear-cool-black-leather-driving-gloves, not sure what they taught you in bus driving school but we’re prit-TEEEE sure that it didn’t involve blocking intersections during rush hour.  Here’s OUR thought, maybe you’re moonlighting for the Super Lawyers, Rosen Louik and Perry (name on the side of the bus) and they give ya a tip for making people stare at the side of the bus through two full traffic lights evolutions.

Now THERE’S a solution, maybe we’ll buy Ya Jagoff signsto put on the sides of all of the buses.  Then again, maybe not Mr. Intersection-blocker, because that would be like putting a NAME TAG on YOUR bus, Ya Jagoff!!!