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The Ultimate Tree Jag Swag

Pittsburgh Parking Chair Ornament 2020

No other way to say it, except your tree is bare, 

That is without the 2020 YaJagoff parking chair. 


On top is the star, and you strung all your lights, 

The 2020 parking chair will be your biggest delight. 


A plain and simple chair with No Parking spelled out, 

Only ornament on the tree with any Pittsburgh clout. 


Better late than never, add jagoff ornament number four, and then hit our online store. 


Accompanied with a Pittsburgh story and its box 412 unique, 

You are the first to see this year’s, so enjoy your first peek. 


A limited number available, so secure one right away, 

Almost two weeks until the big holiday. 


We will ship when you order, so do your very best, 

To order ASAP since shipping has been a mess. 


Thanks for supporting the ornament in the most difficult of years, 

Don’t be a jagoff, quick order your YaJagoff parking chair.  


Click the link to order your parking chair ornament and we will mail orders as soon as they are received to do our best to get them on your tree this Christmas.  Thanks to Mary Mac and Mikey for this year’s masterpiece!  

Happy shopping, YaJagoff! 


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  • North Country Brewing


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