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The Trash Can is WHERE?

At home.. unnamed peeps sit their dirty dishes on the counter which is is just on top of where the dirty dishes SHOULD go.. the dishwasher!

So, I guess I should feel right at home with this scene from one of our fav places to eat lunch, CoreLife Eatery.

As you can see, we have used the Jagoff-estrator to highlight the lack-of-common-sense-or-lack-of-manners-or-lack-of-consideration-for-others offense that had been committed.

Hey there Mystery Trash Diva, you can’t seem to read the HERE signs that are marked all over the place in bold type? You couldn’t figure out that you had to clean up after yourself? Oh… maybe you thought.. for what I paid for my food, someone else can clean this @$$#! up?

Even for a Mystery Trash Diva this seems a little selfish don’t ya think?  I mean, leaving soap drips and napkins on the bathroom floor are standard practices for you as a Diva.. but this? No better way to teach the staff of CoreLife eatery that you are indeed a Trash Diva than by making the statement, “Hmm…I am in a hurry, so I think I’ll just do wherever the hell I want!”  I mean, for GAWDSAKES… royalty like you shouldn’t EVER have to lower themselves by cleaning up after themselves like a typical commoner especially when you might break a nail or throw your spine out of alignment by tossing your trash in to the trash, Ya Jagoff!