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The Take-out Time-out 

YaJagoff Podcast

It is the season for sniffling, sneezing, stuffy-heads, coughs, sore throats and all of the general aches and pains that accompany the various symptoms.  Then there is the category in which these symptoms fall.  Is it the general, run of the mill sinus infection, or the common cold?  I mean now there are categories for even allergies…not the food kind, the ones that cause over-the-counter battles of which pill works better?  Is it the Allegra or Claritin pill? 

Then there is the possibility that the flu, bronchitis or worse yet the dreaded pneumonia crept in.  So many ailments in so little time.  The worst part is that the recovery is just that…time!  So, to better any scenario, the bottom line is fluids and rest.  Plus, for nutrient purposes, soup is a must have for any illness.  But what is really irritating is the serving size of soup.  Kinda like the chips that don’t start until a quarter-of-the-way into the bag…no matter the brand.   

I mean, I don’t know my cups and liters and all of that, but I know a bowl of soup that I have to look into by bending over because I don’t see the liquid until I bend.  Wait, what?  It is like the old how many licks does it take to get to the center of a Tootsie Roll lollipop?  This particular take-out time was like 8-10 teaspoons full of soup.  I mean what is that like three tablespoons? 

I guess I can fill up on water, hot tea, and the plethora of juice options for the sickl. But, I will tell you what, a trip to the eagle for some Lipton is in order, not the take out option.  After all, sick people still get hungry, ya jagoff! 

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