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The Super Who May Have Cried Wolf

Raise your hand if the last job you would want during the pandemic is in school administration.  Let alone be the superintendent. Both my hands are in the air.

Wear masks, no way– allow individuals to choose. Oh, wait school boards, you don’t have to decide, masks it is.  Don’t get us started on the crazy chaos going down at these school board meetings. But if you are the super, for goodness sake do not cry wolf.

Apparently, the Freeport super threatened to call the Office of Children, Youth and Families if a student repeatedly refused to wear a mask and a parent does not comply with the recent state mandate.  Excuse me? Okay one parent can misconstrue verbiage, heck, even a few can.  It only takes a handful to be part of the old telephone game where one sentence is said, and by the time it gets to person 10, the sentence is completely different.

But Mr. Super apologized for the perceived threat.  In fact, he reiterated that calling CYF is for more legitimate concern.  That student safety is always the top priority, but he wouldn’t burden them with this situation.

Did he threaten? Who knows. But we know what happened to the boy who cried wolf, yikes ya jagoff.

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