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The State Farm “Beat the Dead Horse” TV Commercial


Listen…I’m a sap for some good tear-jerking emotion.  If I see the words “Get the Kleenex ready for this one…” on an email subject line, Facebook or Twitter post, I get all welled up before I get to the word Kleenex.

Point number 2, I love a good TV commercial…ones that make me laugh, ones that strike genuine, real-life emotion and kids.  I’m not so much about kittens as I am puppies but, kids… look out… I’m an emotional sucker and I’ll basically sign a contract to buy anything you’re selling…even if it’s a life time supply of Cleveland Browns SWAG.  (OK, that one went a little too far past the believability point withe mention of the Browns.)

So this State Farm commercial…if you haven’t seen it, you are probably living without a television.  If you haven’t seen it and you have a television, turn on any channel, wait about 9.73 minutes (don’t go pee during the commercials) and I guarantee you will see this commercial.

It’s a good, maybe even great, commercial but I’m really over it by now.  And, no, I’m not a grumpy old guy.  It’s like being in 4th grade and seeing the bra strap of your hot, homeroom teacher for the 1,469,217th time…you’re just like, “yeah.. I’ve seen that a million times.”

So cheers to the State Farm cool-cats for producing a great TV commercial. But could ya have spent 1/4 of the money on it’s production so that you would have some money left over to make a few other ones.  Paleeeeeeze stop running this commercial and pull those insurance premium dollars together and give us another cute-kid life moment that I’ll smile or cry at, Ya Jagoffs.

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