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The Signal Savvy Overload Jagoff

You know how art is sometimes dramatically named something long for effect? Well, if this jagofferey was art I would call it: “Turn signaling when there is nothing else to do in a parking garage.” Oh, and the pic doesn’t do this doozy much justice. 

Driving through hospital parking garages are stressful for the obvious reason, you are in a hospital parking garage. But in the case of Mercy, the through way just MAY split down the middle and round corners every 10 seconds, not that I am complaining except that I literally get queasy at each quarter turn and it doesn’t subside until I am into the next turn.  So, I can probs thank the over-cautious bro in front of me for slowing to about 3 MPH, putting his turn signal on, and turning.  Not twice or three times, but every level.  So that would be six.  

You couldn’t decide to go left. There is no straight option.  It is a garage.  Where you park.  On ascending levels. And while the turn signal thing is a pet peeve when on main roads, a parking garage with no other options is simply annoying.  I mean you forget the signal exists when driving regularly, but the small garage brings out your need to hear the clicking to alert the person behind you of the inevitable?  

Come on, bruh. Look at the right arrow that says parking.  Turn your wheel.  The person behind you knows the deal, too, ya jagoff! 

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