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Renne Rules Laundry jagoffs

Rachael is on a roll today!

Two things are wrong with this picture, well three if you consider my basement could use some waterproofing and updating, but we will not count that for this point.   

1.) My middle son is sooooooo lay to the zeeeee that he dumped the massive mound of clothing that he was reminded to take to the laundry area for DAYS all over the floor.  I mean a few Renne rules when it comes to laundry? Socks better not be inside out and rolled up, no wet towels at the bottom of the hamper, and hockey uniforms need taken to the basement immediately after wear because otherwise they can make someone vomit at their smell.  NO rules were followed in this instance. 

2.) Basketball is NOT his sport after all.  I mean the laundry basket clearly needs to go.  We have way too much laundry for the little, broken plastic basket, but while hockey IS our sport of choice here, my middle had the b-ball technique.  Nope!  He couldn’t make the easiest of lay-ups given this lack of ability to get clothes into this easy-to-hit basket.  

So, what happens now? I console my husband that any hope of raising an athlete is pretty much over considering the lack of care for the uni and the lack of ability to shoot.  Then, I wake that lazy middle and remind him of the Renne rules of laundry.  Finally, a trip to the IggleWho needs some Tide, ya jagoff? 

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