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YaJagoff Podcast from The Music Note

#YaJagoff Podcast

#YaJagoffPodcast: Ben Avon Jamming and Jabber at The Music Note

January 18, 2022


With handbells and harps, the jagoffs let the jabber commence at The Music Note in Ben Avon with new business owner Christopher Brewer and colleague Megan, a master class act on every instrument possible. Plus, The Cakery brings the jagoffs sweet treats and sweet talk about the baking business in Westview. Poor Man’s Podcast creator, Chris Hopper, enjoys the company of creators, ya know, musicians, bakers, and especially comedians!

Music: Christopher and Meghan, The Music Note



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Pittsburgh staple you have never visited? I can’t believe I have never been to…

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Gimme 3 Steps UPS Person

Rearranged Grocery Store

Slow Driver Lead Car

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03:33    Christopher Brewer and Meghan

The Music Note owner and instructor, Christopher Brewer, and part-time clarinet instructor, Meghan, talk about the multitude of instruments to explore at The Music Note featuring all ages for singing, private instructions, Mommy and Me Music, and more. From handbells to harps, Rach and John get their own lesson, too!

31:52   Amber Atkins and Christine

Owner of The Cakery, Amber Atkins, and her baker-in-crime, Christine, talk about all things sweet including custom cakes, cookies, cupcakes, biscotti, Keto and Diabetic desserts galore. All made from scratch, the bakers create from the heart to deliver a fresh taste to the baking game in Westview since opening in 2020.

47:41    Chris Hopper 

Creator of the Poor Man’s Podcast, Chris Hopper chats it up from Bellevue to all around the ‘Burgh with photographers, comedians, and creators! As Pittsburgh’s premier comedy podcast, he’s been hitting the ground running with his mics, networking, and pursuing conversations as a fresh podcaster. Collin Chamberlin may just be next up!t 

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