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Just 3 Steps More.. or a Push!

jagoff Blog Pittsburgh

Haven’t seen this kind of jagoffery before on the blog!

Description: a delivered package is sitting on the edge of the porch basically at the top of a short flight of steps.  The delivery person from, so as not to embarrass them we will call them SPU, walked up steps  and a walkway to get to this porch area. Stood at the bottom of the set of next 4 steps, and sat the package on the snowy porch.

This is what came with the pic:

“If the @#$ guy would have just given this box a little push I would not have had to retrieve this from the edge of my porch this morning…in the snow!”

Right… the delivery person already has snow on their shoes, had gone up some steps already, including a walkway and then, BOOM, put the box right there at the end. Now the customer has to come out of their house, into the snow with their socks or, even worse, brand new Christmas slippers, to get the package!

C’mon SPU driver.. let’s sing some Lynyrd Skynyrd together! Gimme three steps, gimme three steps, mister. Gimme three steps toward the door.. YaJagoff!

(You’re welcome for the Skynyrd ear worm!)

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