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The Perfect Pair Valentine Affair is TONIGHT!!! Slight Change Alert! 

YaJagoff Podcast Game Show

Tonight is like a jagoff podcast Christmas. I mean we love Christmas just because it’s Christmas, but the idea of a friendly competition involving charities and some of our favorite people on the day of Pittsburgh’s first real snow… You get it! I mean we very much like Valentine’s Day and quite frankly any holidays, and most days that involve lunch, but this day is super special! 

Just to bring you up to speed with one slight change in plans for tonight’s Perfect Pair Valentine Affair presented by Dinner For Two PGH at the Arcade Theater. 

Unfortunately, Bubba ended up with a conflict and he and his wife cannot attend. Bummer of course, but we get it! We will still welcome Johnny Angel and wife Mary Lou playing for the Community Liver Alliance, Natalie and Sara playing for SisterFriend Inc., and David and Heather playing for the KDKA Turkey Fund. ADDED BONUS: since we were planning on four duos, consider some friendly audience participation! Although they cannot play for a charity, we will giveaway fun jagoff prizes as well as Dorothy’s Candies thanks to Dinner FoTwo! 

 So, brush up on your duo facts about each other… Who is not a late nighter? Which is most likely to be early? Maybe even something like Crest or Colgate? It’s serious business folks, and we are raising money for Pittsburgh charities so put your boots on, the snow will be dealable by then, and head down to our podcast at the Arcade Theater starting at 8 PM tonight, Ya Jagoffs!! 



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