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The Naked Truth, Ya Jagoff

White Thorn Lodge Sign nudist park opening in may

I mean there is all kinds of excitement buzzing about Kennywood Park opening.  There is a ton of anticipation over Allegheny Parks experiencing people being active again this summer.  And there is that there one park in Beaver opening at the end of May also.  

So, rip off the Band-Aid.  It is a nudist park.  I mean leave the Band-Aid maybe? Listen, this is 40 minutes from downtown Pittsburgh.  Miles from our international airport people.  This is not some exotic place in Europe.  Crazier yet, if my jagoff mind serves me correctly, we wrote about this park before, but now it is news that it is opening back up just like everything else. 

I guess what is really flooring is that it closed due to Covid, like many parks, but visitors are urged to have a negative Covid test OR to be vaccinated in order to visit now.  Ummm yah just like anywhere else.  It is also cray cray to me that the park is open between two holidays: Memorial Day and Labor Day. So, is this just Beaver’s way of staying cool during the summer? I mean is it any different than the 80+ year-old neighborhood lady who wore her bra outside when temps hit 90? 

However, you undress the sitch, no pun intended, the nudist park is the newest place being acknowledged for opening post Covid.  To each their own, remember to use sunscreen, ya jagoff! 

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