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The Infamous Dog Poop Bag

Dog Poop Jagoffs pic

Here’s a nice inconsiderate bout of pet and pet owner jagoffery. Well, maybe it’s not really the pet’s fault unless the dog was carrying a garbage can on it’s back!

Below is the message that was posted with this pic

#everybody gets a trophy #I‘m doing my best #what no credit for putting in a bag # fu#rant over

So.. the dog owner, or cat, alligator, ewe, giraffe, tiger, etc, etc, owner (just to be open-minded) ALMOST did the right thing! They picked up their pet’s poop.  But then, who picked up the pet’s poop sack.  Looks like nobody!

Looking at one side of this, maybe the pet owner had to stop to tie their Rockports and forgot to pick the poop sack back up.

HINT: Nope!

If you didn’t see that bag next to the shoe that you just tied, you probably shouldn’t be walking on the trail!

Here’s what we think, if you’re caught doing this, the punishment should include walking all of the dogs at the Humane Society and Animal Rescue League Shelter, every day for one week…but you have to walk behind them with your bare hand at their bottom ready to catch the droppings!

But wait!  We still have to worry about how you’ll learn to keep the neighborhood clean by picking up your poop sack sooooooo..we think your punishment should also include you working a Friday and Saturday early morning where you have to walk up and down the trail and EAT every small token of dropped food that you find on the ground.  (And you don’t get any beverages to wash it down!)

Finally, we’re gonna figure out where YOU live.  And then we’re gonna walk our pet COW by YOUR house, right after we fed her Taco Bell, 4 Mike and Tony’s gyros, 8 trays of Chicken-on-a-Stick, and 12 Primanti Sandwiches.  Hoping that you know how to activate the local hazmat crews, Ya Jagoff!!!!

Credit to Gare-Bear for the pic and post!

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