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The Dog-gone Red Roof Inn

Today’s blog written by Rachael.. about to embark on a dog trip!

Of all the weekends for nunny to be going away… This one? Nunny is our dog, Tanner’s, caregiver when we have out of state hockey tournaments. This time was our first conflict.

Insert logistical nightmares like the 10-year-old daughter thrilled that she did not have to be dragged around multiple hockey rinks to watch various games and smell sweat and hear the F word multiple times. Her simple answer was that we just stay home. 

The boys on the other hand, not so much. The oldest gave the guilt trip of a lifetime reminding me that this would be his last tournament in this age group and that if he indeed wins it, I will not be there to see it. The middle son just always says the right things. You know, mom what would we do without you and I hope you come kind of thing. So how do I avoid the American Bulldog/Boxer, who loves to defecate on my floors when my husband leaves, from doing so if his environment changes for a whole weekend? 

How on God’s green earth do I let people come in and out of my house to let him out regularly? The answer is I just can’t. So consider this an ad for the Red Roof Inn. Yes, it used to be we will leave the light on for you, but now it is the answer to a family trip away. You can literally take your dog, and as long as they are not completely insane, you can leave him or her in the room unattended for a short amount of time. Just like home.

This triggered my worry button. I called multiple times asking new-to-travel dog mom questions and they have answers to everything, like if the dog gets nervous, if the dog is unfamiliar, if the staff cannot calm him, they have answers to it all. They either call you, or suggest familiarizing the animal with the hotel.

Tempting right? We shall see. All I want to know is could I rent a driverless car that deodorizes hockey equipment and dogs and shortens trips? ‘Cause honestly if not, I’m gonna just stay in Pittsburgh, drive to Heinz Field and sit outside to listen to Garth and Uber home. Just me and my dog, and hopefully my family remembers to leave the light on for me, the jagoffs! 

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