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Family Jagoffs


Cereal Jagoffs

Today’s blog written by Rachael.

Summer brings dirty tennies, wet trunks on the floor, and the need for more food in the house is real.  I am talking Sam’s Club greeters welcome me like Norm at Cheers claiming his bar stool.  Everything from fruit to grilled cheese crackers and cases of Propel—the berry kind– are on my list weekly. But that is summertime with kids. 

The annoyance of not clanging the dirty shoes together to knock off SOME dirt and bending over to pick up wet clothes (or using toes if need be) are more real than the need to replenish food, and don’t get me started on the empty water bottles.  But when I open the pantry to get the week’s store list going and see the epitome of laziness, I want to slam doors and wake the sleeping-til-almost noon heathens and let them know that I am glad they are enjoying summer. 

Beyond the trail mix that has somehow made its way onto the shelf (because no one in my house did it) was an empty econo-sized box of cereal that was ripped open like savage animals in need of a meal.  The worst part, I bought the ripped box only days before and it had one small cereal box left. ONE.  Instead of throwing away the box and leaving Tony the Tiger for someone to enjoy for breakfast, or a mid-day snack or evening craving, the last small box was left in its gigantic box ripped and falling off of the shelf. 

No worries.  Mom will clean it up, make a new store list, put it all away and repeat.  However, this store trip may call for some Grape Nuts and Mueslix cereal.   The next trip is for Back-to-School shopping, ya jagoffs.  Happy Summer! 

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