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Thank GAWD the Kid Knew About 9-1-1 #JagoffMom

Just about every news outlet, including every local church bulletin, posted this as breaking news last week.  A 36-year old mother was inside gambling at the Rivers Casino until 4am.. which is when her 10 year old daughter called 9-1-1 to get help.

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No telling whether mom was winning or losing when she was approached but she told police that she initially went into the casino to buy a gift card and lost track of time. She went in around 8:50pm.

So, in case ya missed it.. time wasn’t the issue here! The fact that mom left the kid in a car by herself in the casino parking lot garage to do ANYTHING should crush your heart!

It’s too bad this simple will hurt mommy’s chances to be a finalist as “Mom Of The Year” as voted by Gambler’s Housekeeping Magazine.

By all reports, mom has been banned from The Rivers Casino already!! Cool… thank goodness there are no other casinos around here! Oh… wait….. hmmmmm!

Here’s what’s needs to happen NEXT.  Daughter gets a play day.  Some day, in the dead of the upcoming winter, she gets to go out to Robinson Town Centre and play in the IKEA Ball Room for an hour.  She also gets ice-cream and cake and someone to tell her that they love her.  The whole time she’s inside, mom has to stay outside in the backseat of a car listening to extended play albums by the 80’s group Air Supply.   Additionally, just inside the IKEA window, a River’s Casino card dealer is gonna just sit there and deal hand-after-hand of blackjack until mom drools on the inside of the car window so much that she becomes dehydrated or her tongue freezes to the glass.

Hey heavy-hittin’ momma, you gotta know when to hold-em and when to fold.  Ohhhhh.. and know when to NOT walk away… from your child in the car….YA JAGOFF!

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