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yajagoff Blog and YaJagoff Podcast. Is this a blue car?

At Ya Jagoff, we have made it our job to bring you late breaking news on Pittsburgh people who do jagoff things.  But we do it in an endearing way….ya know, through our blog.  We expose ridiculous drivers, parkers, thieves, jagoffs. Today we are not failing you in finding these jagoffs, instead finding out which of us is the WRONG jagoff. 

After working at Chico’s and hosting countless fashion shows, I know a color wheel.  John?  Debatable. I am not calling him color challenged, just unaware.  Ok, since Rachael is clearly the author, gotta be fair.  Objective.   

Remember the ol’ what color is the dress question?  When people stopped working to weigh in on the color of a dress?  It was extreme as people declared It blue/black or white/gold.  C’mon peeps, this one is a slam dunk. 

Settle us a little dispute, please.  What color is this car?  Obviously, it is a distinct shade but in comments, let us know one of two options.  Is this vehicle in the BLUE category, or PURPLE?  This is an expose people.  We are not outting our usual suspects, but maybe others look at this car and wonder its color.  So we are serving our readers. 

That’s it. Look at this pic and please refrain from: asking the style, make, model, who the diver may be, offer another color option, or discuss anything off topic.  Just look at the pic and pick.  What team are you?  Team Rach or Team John, Ya Jagoff? 

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