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Tax Day Jagoffery – And Who Won the Detox/Detax Spa Treatment

What is so special about April 19th?

Nope! Its nothing to do with the fact that it is snowing i spring! It has nothing to do with a good day to start after the tax day extension, extension, extension due to an online glitch! It is the day to celebrate your tax preparer/accountant.

Last week, we offered a chance for you to nominate your tax preparer for a detox/detax day at ESSpa Kozmetika in Aspinwall (which, by the way, is currently nominated to be the Best Spa in Pittsburgh! Vote Here)

Your tax accountant puts up with your:

  • Turning in a manila folder or old box of receipts that you SWEAR are all good deductions but just have to be sorted by, date and listed on a 10-something form!
  • You calling 57 times in 32 hours, after you drop off your box of lies, to find out if you are getting a return.
  • Trying to list your dog or cat, that you say is part of your family, as a dependent by legally changing it’s name from Spot or Fluffy, to Amy or Fred!
  • Turning in mileage receipts that basically add up to you driving around the world 17 times
  • Trying to deduct your cable internet as a business expense against your Candy Crush winnings!

Ok.. so who won?

Congrats to Missy Gustafson who was nominated by Becky Willis of You won a 60-minute spa treatment thanks to ESSpa Kozmetika!

Ok.. that’s it! Treat your tax preparers nicer this year, YaJagoffs!

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