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YaJagoff Podcast with Astrobot CEO John Thornton

#YaJagoff Podcast

Tastes, Space and Y108

June 23, 2020

This week’s podcast brings taste, space and Y108 right to the podcast table as Dan Gigler of PG Munch at the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette talks COVID cravings, the CEO of Astrobotic John Thornton dreams as big as the moon with developing new tech in Pittsburgh, and radio energizer Kristen of Y’d Awake at Y108 drops the radio mic with all things country. Buckle up for the ride and turn it up as Ashley Marina provides the tunes.

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If you were forced to be on America’s Got Talent, what would your performance be?


Fire Hydrant Faux Pas

Santonio Holmes events

Eat N Park Smiles

Glass Factory

Maz Day

3:40 Dan Gigler

Food and features writer for the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, Dan Gigler of PG Munch, covers restaurant resiliency to COVID-19. He also serves top fave dishes to make like smash burgers, pizza grilling, and pasta making (it’s better if he does takeout for Thai.) Listen as he gives advice to dining in the new norm and to tip well.

20:44 John Thornton, CEO of Astrobotic

CEO of Astrobotic John Thornton lets us in on Pittsburgh being the secret mothership of space studies to get rovers and lunar landers to the moon, as well as partnerships with NASA. Listen here as he discusses the vast universe, poles of the moon, and the big city with the small town feel.

39:26 Kristen Y108

Y108 Kristen for I’d Awake goes on podcast air with Rach and John to talk about the new work-from-home life of wearing PJ’s. With being outside of the studio, and no IT guy down the hallway, she makes it work and gives everyone a reason to deal. Listen as she reveals her achy breaky kindergarten days, puzzling adventures, and more!

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