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Masks Wearers… Cover Yer Nose

Covid Mask Wearing Tip

Ok… how many of you are getting used to wearing the masks? Some are having fun with it… putting your own flair to it. Some think it’s been fun to play surgeon by pretending that you are a doctor coming out of surgery.. saying things like, “Well, the surgery went well,”  when you take your mask off.

This isn’t blog post about IF we should wear a mask. But it is a blog post about, if you are gonna wear one, you should probably where it correctly. I get it, some of the homemade masks are a little small… in that they look like testicle carriers. But, for the most part, you can cover your nose.

I know some of you feel like you’re smothering. Some say the mask tickles your nose. (that probably means you need to trim your nose hairs.) None of us actually like this mask wearing thing but, if we have to do it.. in order to be out and about.. then.. let’s do it right.  Cover yer nose, YaJagoffs!


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