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Green Thumbs Up or Down? 

yajagoff podcast - plant jagoff

Hi, I am Rachael and I do not have a green thumb.  I can’t keep one of those orchid tree plants that require an ice cube a week for survival. Sometimes my family calls me Morticia Addams.   

Last example I swear. I can’t even keep an Aloe plant, which is the number 1 easy to maintain plant when you google plants easy to maintain. But I have had a peace lily for almost four years, and I think it is thriving well. According to my standards, it is pretty damn good looking, right? 

Ok, a few pieces need weeded out.  The green could be greener.  But, it is full and there is a lily or two and I have nurtured that bad boy since a family funeral.  No overly sad story, I am not pulling the sympathy card. I mean death is never a good feeling igniter, but I decided that day to embark on my green thumb attempt 

So, is it that bad?  For realz. Hit me with the hard facts? Is my fam right and I just should not be on the green scene, or is there hope for this plant of peace? Side note, the Peace Lily is the 4th easiest plant to maintain after the mentioned aloe, cactus and succulents, which ironically sit next to the bad ass green scene—I mean it is crookedly growing but the key word is growing.   

Again, throw me a tip.  Hit me with some thriving thoughts. Whatever you do, please don’t tell me to buy fake or plastic, ya jagoff!  

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