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Swords for Cigs??

Well.. hello Beaver County.. Rochester to be exact.

The pic is a little tough to make out but.. that is a guy with a sword arguing with another couple in the middle of a Rochester street.  Are they arguing about saving another human’s life? Are they arguing about how to make peace in the world? Are they practicing for the next comic-con?


ALLEGEDLY they were arguing over money for cigarettes!  (See full story on

Oh! Well that makes sense then cuz cigs are expensive these days and who WOULDN’T choose to wail a sword around about cigs!

Hey there, 3 Musketeers…. howzabout we keep the fighting to an Xbox and FortNite.. it’s the rage and, quite honestly, it doesn’t usually involve police filing charges.  It’s this thing called “make believe!” On top of that, you can actually win fake trophies!

Now you’re all facing charges! Haaa.. remember.. “all for one and one for all” when it comes to combined lottery tickets and cigarette money… YaJagoffs!!!!

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