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Super Bowl ….Oh Man This One Hurts

OK.. this feels like one of those Mondays we have when the Steelers lose!!!!  GAWD!!!  To see those Ratbirds, especially Ray-I’ve-Come-To-Know-Jesus-And-He-Will-Absolutely-LOVE-My-New-Ring Lewis, hoisting that trophy.  Deeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeepressing. But let’s just discuss it and NEVER mention it again!

It’s over now and we don’t have to deal with the Ravens or NFL Commissioner Roggie Go-To-Hell for a few months.  And, our excuse for ignoring this whole debacle when the Ravens come to play next season will simply, be, “Hey, that was LAST SEASON…. whaddaya got now!

By the way, a funny, funny tweet came in when the lights went out at the stadium last night…. it was this pic with this caption……


Super Dome technician hard at work #drumroll

That was from @BiggDeck.  LOL!!

Soooooooooooooooooooooooo anyways… if this post sounds like SOUR GRAPES… that’s because it is!!!  But time to move on sooooooooooooooooo go ahead Ratbirds… enjoy that SECOND trophy.  When I come down to the Inner Harbor in the spring for crab cakes  I’ll bring a high-def photo of the SIX that we have in our trophy case, Ya Jagoffs!!!!


 Yeah.. we invoked the standard “6 trophy” phrase for this one as it is listed in the Pittsburgh Steelers Fan Manual, Page 23, Paragraph 1, subsection 3!

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