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I still buy dollar store notebooks and write notes to myself as reminders, and even have an occasional phone number jotted down. Granted, business cards clutter my 40-something phone case/wallet thing-a-ma-jigger, but random numbers do appear in my unicorn or sometimes purple 3D note pad.   

For the most part, I program numbers into my phone that sometimes look like this: Amy T?. (next line) Picklesburgh stage.  Ha!  Even have one: Market Square popcorn.   This is for when I forget names but can taser my brain with a memory to recall the person and need for contact.  

When all else fails, I use everyone’s pal, Siri.  Whether it is the Australian accent Siri or dude with country twang accent, Siri has to be the most relied upon resource for obtaining a phone number. From beckoning ‘pizza near me’  to call mom R, this is the new phone contact process.  Well, that is what I thought.  But there is still the paper option…that is right, the phone book. 

Guess what?  The Yellow Pages are still delivered. In one neighborhood, they are delivered A LOT.  A pile of them are available for that mob of telephone number needy people who refuse to pull out their androids and smart phones.  You know those people who boycott Dollar Store note pads and demand their thick books?  Well, they exist and in abundance. 

Not disputing anyone’s contact process of choice.  Heck, some people still have flip phones, I get it.  But these books are a bit of an overload, unless someone is collecting Yellow Pages to stack and create a makeshift ladder?  Building a fire? Sitting higher in the driver’s seat? Whatever the use, get the eye sores off of the stoop, ya jagoff!