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Steelers Win! (But not without anxiety induced cheese curl eating mess!)

Being on Twitter during a Pittsburgh sports event is like watching the game with 10,000 other people as you sit in your living room… but you just don’t have to yell, “DOWN IN FRONT!” or “Shut the SOAPWORD up so I can hear the TV!”

As I side note, if my dad was on Twitter, he would tweet NOTHING during an entire Steelers game other than “GET HIM!”  and “THROW THE BALL!”

So when the Pirates were doing the playoff thing last month and lost the day game here in Pittsburgh, I received a tweet that said,

Now I’m going to eat my weight in cheese curls…so depressed


We transferred tweets about Cheese Curl eating during stressful situations.  And then, when the Pirates lost the series, this tweet came across from her:

It’s ugh-ugly 🙁 Not sure there’s enough cheese curls in the pantry to drown my sorrows in..sigh


So, yesterday, as the Steelers were putting us all through more emotional ups and downs than Charlie Sheen and 2 Kardashians on the Kennywood Park Jack Rabbit ride, it was a MAJOR cheese curl event.. they were going down in handfuls.  If there had been a cheese curl truck somewhere within 3 miles of me, I know I would have picked up it’s scent like a anxious male dog picking up the scent of a female in heat!

Then during the 4th quarter, @BankerMom, tweets this:

#CheeseCurls The Ultimate Self-loathing snack side, cheese finger stains camouflaged by #TerribleTowel

That’s exactly right… it’s why you don’t eat chocolate or bacon-and-barbecue-laced-water-chestnuts during a tense game… cheese curl finger marks are WAY easier to get off of your touchscreen than the other two as you’re feeding your stress and going through the various gyrations of  your SFTP (Steelers Fan Twitter Psychosis)…. things like:

Fire Todd Haley!! #BringBackBruceArians

Ike Taylor couldn’t catch a could. #USuck

Good call Todd Haley! #Genius

Ben, get rid of that ball earlier?? #TakeTheTrade

Ben, you’re awesome! #PittsburghLovesYou

That’s it.. I can’t watch anymore! #HadEnoughofSteelers

That interception was awesome.. (Yes I’m still watching) #HereWeGo

I hope that I can get the yellow-fingers gone before I go in public… I kind of look like a cheese curl mechanic …I don’t think my fingertips will ever come clean.

But the bottom line is, I watched the game to the end.. despite what it cost me in cheese curls and sodium/cholesterol levels.   ‘Cuz as I have said before, watching the Steelers this season is going to be like looking at 90-year-old-woman-cleavage…. you don’t want to look.. but you just HAVE TO!  And look until the very end.

So for those of you that were at the game, getting cold, getting wet and getting irritated and left the game before halftime… you missed an awesome 4-cheese-curl-bag winning finish, Ya Jagoffs!




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