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Parking Chair Ornament

A Special Post: A Pittsburgh Parking Chair Christmas Ornament!

Can’t tell ya how many people are tired of hearing me talk about wanting to make a Pittsburgh Parking Chair Christmas Ornament.

Mary Mac ordered a pile of toy chairs to review (2 years ago and they are still in my basement).  She had emergency response crafters on standby for the last two Holiday Seasons just waiting to have a decision.  I have so many “doll-house chairs” searches in my Google History that the Dateline peeps had me under surveillance.  Frank, John Knight and Rachael from the YaJagoff Podcast have been gracious … listening to me talk about this at nauseum along with 1,201,593 other ideas.  Guaranteed they are thankful that this idea can be finally put to rest!  Well…… MAYBE! Bwaaaaahahhaaaa!

As of today, you finally have a way to save a special spot on the Christmas tree…the Pittsburgh Parking Chair holiday ornament is here!  Sure, you may have to ‘splain it to a non-Pittsburgher but, that’s ok. That’s what tree ornaments are supposed to do: create conversation and preserve the ‘burgh chair lure.

This ornament will be the first of many in a series of annual Pittsburgh-themed ornaments.  Each one comes in a handmade box and is numbered for ‘burgh authenticity.

The ornament has been created by me, Pittsburgh’s “salvage artist” and Chief Yinzerneer, David Calfo and gilder and sign painter Andrew Paul. Ok, basically I had nothing to do with it! Andrew and Dave are the brains who put an idea to paper and plastic!

So, spread cheer AND the story of the Pittsburgh Parking Chair this year!  Order your chair here.  Only the first 100 orders will be guaranteed for shipment prior to Christmas (because our little elves making them still have to do their own Christmas shopping…. YaJagoffs!)

TOMORROW we are back to posting Jagoff Holiday Displays!

David Calfo –

Andrew Paul –

Thanks to Rach/Andy for the “save a special spot on the Christmas tree” line! Best headline writer in the biz!

Thanks to all who support this craziness every day.

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