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Something Positive about the Pandemic Sitch

Pittsburgh Jagoff Blog

No! The something positive about the pandemic was NOT my Covid test!

We have all been in the same rut.. focusing on the negative things that have resulted from the pandemic and quarantine. Well, here’s something positive.. the change in how we purchase doughnuts at Giant Eagle.

Here’s how doughnut purchases at the local grocery or doughnut store would go prior to the pandemic:

It never fails when you’re in a hurry something goes wrong. It is Murphy’s Law, karma, perhaps having a case of the Mondays on any given day of the week. So there is always that person who somehow gets to the doughnut counter a millisecond sooner than you.

We all know the person, they make quick eye contact with you, jump in front of you and then needs 15 minutes to decide what donuts best make a dozen.

You knew you were going to the doughnut location, did you not think about what you were going to purchase prior to getting there? Not to mention, there is always the option of simply giving the clerk the decision to create the dozen as assorted. I mean, there’s always the option to say “you decide, except not the maple sticky one that no one ever wants but somehow ends up in the box.” That person decides to think and rethink every doughnut selection that needs to go into the box.

Rant over! Now, thanks to the Covid sitch, the doughnuts seemed to be prepackaged.. you grab 2, 6, 12, 13 (and eat one on the way to the cash register) and boom you’re outta there!  Zero contemplation. You don’t like a jelly doughnut.. fine.. take it with the group and toss it when ya get home!

So thanks Covid.. for helping me with my doughnut purchasing…. Ya Jagoff!

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