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YaJagoff Traffic Sign

You know Saline in Squirrel Hill, and Forbes at Schenley Drive near Oakland.  That skinny side street off of Saw Mill Run, maybe it’s in Carrick? Oh and Beechwood Blvd...yikes! But do you recall, the most sped on ‘Burgh street of all?  

I mean we could all insert street names, or in typical Pittsburgh style, at least mention what they are near…OR what they used to be.  Ya know, like the street where the old Kaufmann’s was.  Typical Pittsburgh! Also, full disclosure, John will tell you that I am not the one to navigate traffic (and can’t tell ya how to get ANYWHERE), no Trisha Pittman am I.  I am good at offering suggestions, though.   

So which of the following actions would you choose if every vehicle from the small roller skate looking SOB to the monster truck rumbling through the neighborhood at all hours came steamrolling down your street?  One that is well traveled with many kids living and playing in yards no less! 

  1. Scream yinz SOB’s better slow down all day with a megaphone 
  2. Insert secret speedbumps and watch the drivers bounce around (deservingly) 
  3. Proudly hang a term of endearment to deter peeps from driving like lunatics  

While all answers are enticing, the right, just and Pittsburgh thing to do is hanthis sign for all to see.  Take a deep breath and repeat after me, slow down ya jagoff!

(Thanks to the Jay on Bellevue Road for the inspiration?) 

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