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Phone Jagoffs

Signs Needed for the I’gnernt People

Cell phone jagoffs

Saw this sign at a local store. Originally, I thought, “Good for them for taking control!” And then I thought, “How sad is THAT! They had to post a sign telling people how to teach people manners.”

Just like the “your coffee is hot” message on the McDonald’s coffee cup, we realize that people cannot think for themselves and so we have to prompt common sense.  Here are a few more potential signs just in case you have your Sharpie marker and some poster paper handy from your kids’ last school project:

  • If you’re in a crosswalk, walk.. then text at the other side of the street!
  • Don’t leave grocery store buggies in the middle of the aisle while you mosey around talking on your phone!
  • If you don’t know how to even use the ATM card machine, don’t even think about trying to scan your own groceries.. ESPECIALLY if you have a full buggy of stuff that needs to be weighed!
  • At a drive thru ATM, pull thru once you get your money.. THEN sort through your purse for a wallet, make-up, dental floss, check your cell phone for a text! The person in your rear-view mirror would like to use the ATM in a timely manner too!

Bottom line.. PALEEEZE get some common sense… YaJagoffs!

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