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She’s Back! Get to Know Her!

YaJAgoff Liver Function

Written by Rach!

She is slowly but surely becoming her again. She will never be the woman we knew before liver failure took over, but we are also grateful to reacquaint with her and get to know this person who received a second chance at life.

The thanks are endless. From the people who read about her situation and said a prayer, the countless prayer groups,the friends and strangers who asked what they could do, the thriving donor recipients, the CLA, UPMC transplant services, to the one and only Sara Booz and her selfless and amazing family and every single person in between…we got our wife, mother, grandmother, aunt, cousin, friend, lady from Giant Eagle back. She isn’t the same, but she’s a fighter and a survivor. She cooks again, she shops again, she laughs again and is interested in life again. Her pain is less and her gain is more.

Thanks to every person and beyond participating in the #UltimateLiverFunction, she will live and we all get to know her all over again, with a part of Sara, I can’t wait for you to get to know her too!

Tickets for the Ulitmate Liver Function will be available at the door. Click the logo for info.

Ulitmate Liver Function

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