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Self Serve Gas AIN’T As Simple as Just Gettin’ Gas


Ridiculous gas pumps.  This is a repost from my book, “Above the Fries.”  And it’s a re-post because fueling up is STILL taking way to long!

When I’m getting gas, I’m ALWAYS in a hurry…either to get to an appointment or to get home.. either way, BOTH are places that I told people I’d be home 20 minutes ago!  Then, I get stuck with a gas pump that asks more questions than a 9 year-old asking about Santa Claus:

  •      Do you have a fuel card? Yes or No
  •      Do you want to use your points? Yes or No
  •      Credit or Debit? Yes or No
  •      Do you want to purchase windshield washer fluid?
  •      Do you want a car wash?   NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

This is more questions than an SAT Test?!!!!!!!!

I just want gas, YA JAGOFFS!