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Lottery Ticket Looter Jagoff

How many trips to the lottery ticket case does it take to add up to over $38,000 worth of  tickets? That is NOT a rhetorical question, I am curious because consider the process!

The story is that a Rite Aid clerk took the key to the lottery ticket station enough times to steal essentially thousands of tickets. So, basically she had to get the key from its designated area, unlock the case, remove x amount, conceal them and get them to a place to leave the store and repeat that process multiple times without getting caught. Wait, what? How did the camera not pick up this process on one of the first hundred trips?  One time it was caught on camera or did she legit snag over $38,000 worth of Super 7 and Lovin’ Luck tickets at once? So many questions!

Also, was it not fishy when every birthday, holiday, special occasion gift in this person’s circle was a scratch off with gems on it? Did the spool of $1 and $2 or even $10 tickets look thinner at any point? Not to mention, was there not one winner? That is one unlucky lottery ticket looter. Pick a winner next time, ya jagoff!

Full story thanks to

  • SinBinKreations
  • North Country Brewing


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