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Scheduling Road Construction (Part 3)


I get it!

Road and bridge construction is a way of life.  Plus, at some point in our Pittsburgh-area lives, we all should have an appreciation for the pain and agony associated with driving morning rush hour into the Squirrel Hill Tunnels from the East into the Downtown area.  Drive a mile in another man’s shoes before you criticize…blah, blah, blah.  I get it.

But…. wait… I mean..  BUT….shouldn’t there be some kind of organization to this stuff?

People spend hours scheduling Tweets and Facebook posts about dogs and food so that everything coordinates at just the right time.  The pizza delivery person schedules a route to be efficient in driving and make the best use of their fuel and time.  People talk into their phone to put a new something or other on their calendar.

But for some reason, the engineers and planners who do construction can’t seem to figure out that they probably shouldn’t shut down major, parallel roadways into the Downtown Pittsburgh area at the same time for extended periods of times….I mean like, waiting in line for the Kennywood Racers on a 54-school school picnic day kind of feeling of extended time!

HINT: This is NOT the way to keep people off of their smartphones while driving!

Can construction person please go search something called Google Calendars, Slacker, Microsoft Project and download it to your computers so that the left construction hand knows what the right construction hand knows?

Or at least take a hint from Disney and entertain us with fairies and dancing bears while we’re sitting in line so that we feel HAPPY about wasting time, Ya Jagoffs!


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