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RA-lieve and Sha-lieve Setting Twitter Trends

Today’s blog post written by Rach!

I don’t tweet much but you bet ima start! Since yesterday one of my favorite Steelers Ryan Shazier tweeted an exchange for End Game show tickets and it worked! Thought I’d give it a whirl!

Mom ISO someone to put shoes away so they don’t clutter the entrance way in exchange for a $50 Visa gift card! 

Better yet wife ISO someone to fold 3 loads of laundry a day for a $50 Visa gift card! 

Ok, here’s a doozy! Jagoff partner ISO co-partner to drive without slight road rage at the Subaru cutting him off on 279? for…you guessed it $50 Visa gift card

Nah that’s a miracle!

Here it goes. My best prepared tweet exchange:

Enthusiastic hockey mom, dedicated wife, and hard-working partner ISO self-proclaimed Jagoff dresser to partake in the Ya Jagoff what not to wear portion of the anticipated A-WEARness fashion show tomorrow!

Do it- dare to wear the football jersey tucked in or sport that throwback parachute jacket. I double dog dare ya to wear a fanny pack! After all there is a $50 gift card exchange in it for ya! Be there or be square Ya Jagoff!

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