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Quick Flick Parking Jagoff

Jagoff Blog Pittsburgh

I hadn’t been to the movies since the swanky and comfy chairs replaced the gum-stuck, upholstered seats. I think the last flick I saw was The Secret Life of Pets, yes that was 2016.  So I was excited to see the Whitney Houston movie in theaters.

But jags, we parked our Pilot in a space and took our time to get into the theater. I mean, no time for popcorn and soda because we were in a hurry…but the point is we appropriately parked our car. Come on, I get that it is a rough and tumble Jeep, but two tires on the ground, driver!

The worst part is that there were other spaces available, and the space was not tight.  Like, no pull in and out maneuver to get the park job right. The Whitney Houston movie was so good, but I didn’t have to give up One Moment in Time to get a parking space for it, ya jagoff! (Did ya get the pun?)

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