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Putting an “H” on da WHAT?

Since we are not tasteless, self-boasters, we are adding a disclaimer that this blog post is more about how Rohrich Honda in Bloomfield is indicative of Pittsburgh, more than the announcing that they are our new podcast sponsors. Of course, we are pretty darn excited to welcome that too!

You see, not all Pittsburghers are full blown yinzers. There is that vast group of people who simply say words incorrectly, or too quickly, which result in creating their own words. Example? The contraction ‘VE. We make it sound like of. Another one? The typical Pittsburgh one n’at instead of and that. The difference is a full blown yinzer would have the slangy slang way of saying it and constant need to add the r and w sound. Insert yinzer’s verbiage for Giant Eagle…junt iggel or worse igoow. Insert most popular…da for the! Yikes!

So while we are not yinzers, rather Pittsburgh proud like Rohrich Honda, we are paying homage to the car and the place. We are suggesting that when you are in the market for a car, check aht Honda. When you visit an iconic Pgh neighborhood location, Tessaro’s, Franctuary, the O, put a Honda H on da place…/get it? H ON DA… much more burgh can you get? 

All right if this scenario doesn’t work when you read it 10 more times, stay tuned for our weekly videos around town while we learn more about the car industry and put an H on da….wherever place we go, ya Jagoffs! 

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