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Post Office #PeterParkers


New to the blog?  We call these things #PeterParkers.  Go ahead, click the link to find out why.

Been here before?  You know that there area soooo many people that have no idea how to park.. parallel, angled, head-in, head-up-your-a$$… no matter what, the world is full of people who have no idea how to park OR are just ignorant when parking.

As you can see from the Instagram tag, the photo was taken at a Post Office parking lot.  I guess Mr. 4 x 4 was in a hurry to park so he/she go inside and stand in line to mail the ol’ Christmas cards! As I always say, the bump under the tire was made by the JERK behind the wheel!

I’ll hope that jump over the curb spilled your tobacco-spit-filled-iced-tea bottle on your “Playboy Bunny” floor mats and jarred your truck nutz enough to make you choke on them, Ya Jagoff!

Thanks to LittleJanelle and The_Steel_Trap  on Instagram for being our Jagoff Catchers!