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The Podcast Update (Gotta Read)

Hey… this message is important because, the YaJagoff Podcast has grown up! Kinda like when your parents gave you a car and then said, “Don’t wreck it!”

What is the podcast?  

If you don’t know, it’s our internet radio talk show about Pittsburgh that gets recorded and posted here (and other places like Google Play, Stitcher Radio, iTunes) every Tuesday.

How do you listen?

Every Tuesday, when you get this email, you will see a player bar (like the one below). You just click the player bar and listen to the show while you work, workout, eat cookies, clean the house, do the laundry or whatever.

Key Point?

The Pittsburgh Podcast Network used to have our show on a feed with a bunch of other shows. Now..they’ve handed us the keys to the car and gave us our own channel.  That means we are politely asking you to go and subscribe on Google Play, Stitcher Radio, iTunes OR just listen to it right here EVERY TUESDAY!

OK…now you know what you have to do… listen to the podcast every Tuesday and then, if you ARE on iTunes, provide feedback, post a comment, etc.  That’s the way the rankings go up!

OK…. happy Friday, YaJagoffs!  Here we go Steelers!