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Pittsburgh Pop-Up  

Legp Bar Pittsburgh

The Lego bar creators are geniuses! They have mastered the art of condoning, celebrating, embracing (whatever ing word that sounds grown-up) adults who hold onto their child-like indulgences. I mean come on!  

They chose the sophisticated and chic Southside Works, are bringing in 1 million legos building an area to play ping-pong, bask in the glory of lego making, and even created a signature cocktail.  This is all for the uncles who had a few Mistletoe Martinis at the holiday time and sat crisscross on the floor creating the ultimate lego mansion with nieces or nephews. Nonetheless, it is sheer excellence! 

It even prompted our top picks for other adults holding onto child-like opportunities we should bring to Pittsburgh: 

Red rover, red rover, Pittsburghers dare Cleveland adults to come over… We basically invade Heinz Field and heckle Cleveland fans to come face us. We could have a heck of a theme song and call the cocktail the Red Rover RumCoction. 

TV Tag Mania: This is where Pittsburghers run around Riverview Park and opponents on the other team chase them, and much like freeze tag, if tagged, it is imperative to squat and shout Seinfeld or Different Strokes or something else!  Otherwise, they are frozen and can’t play. They toast afterward with Long Pittsburgh Iced Teas!  

The ultimate is musical parking chairs! This one better not get stolen. Pittsburgh’s Bloomfield or Polish Hill or iconic neighborhood is stripped of cars for one day. Parking chairs of all kinds lineup where cars would be to mark their spaces.  

Music from Donnie Iris, Whiz and even the Mr. Rogers theme song is played and stopped for peeps to claim a chair. If you don’t get a chair? Drink that Iron City, Ya Jagoff! 

For now, visit the lego pop up! 

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  • North Country Brewing


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