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Toilet Plunger Jagoffery

Jagoffs with plungers

3,482,291 comedians and wanna-be-comedians (you know… those people that drink at parties that think they should have a NetFlix stand-up special) have joked about the silly “wash, rinse, repeat” instructions on the shampoo bottle or the “hot” symbol on coffee.

But…(or since this is about toilet plungers perhaps I should say BUTT… yeah, I’m crafty like that) this is stupidity-prevention to another level.

Back to the sitch (situation at hand as the young ones say). What makes someone think they should return a used plunger? Wait! After it has unclogged a nasty poop, paper and urine filled toilet, what makes someone want to put that nasty a$$ plunger in their car to DRIVE it to the store to return it?

Maybe the sign should be changed (well, it SHOULD be changed because of the poor grammar but…) for OUR purposes, maybe the sign should read, “All Plungers Are Not Returnable … Maybe You Should Have Some Class and Common Sense… Ya Jagoffs!

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